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Pin on the Red, White, and Blue!

Pin on the Red, White, and Blue!

Patriotic flag pins are easy to make with ordinary safety pins and colorful beads.

By Barbara Albright

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If you and your kids want to add a touch of the red, white, and blue to your everyday attire, make a few of these easy safety pin flag pins.

The only difficulty may be finding red, white, and blue beads. These days, stores are selling out of all things patriotic!

These pins cross gender lines – everyone will want to wear one.

Frequently used by Girl Scouts as swap pins, these little pins are made with one large safety pin. Several smaller pins, strung with beads, hang from it in a flag design.

The large, anchoring pin is attached to your clothes. The beaded pins sway gently from them – reminiscent of our flag waving in a gentle breeze.

The Right Beads!
While there are numerous variations, this pin can be made with any red, white and blue beads you are able to find. These may be small seed beads or the slightly larger “e” beads.

Regardless of the beads you have, you can usually improvise. For instance, one long blue bugle bead can be used in place of three small blue seed beads.

Even those beads bought together may be irregular in size. For the best results, select those that are most uniform before you start.

The Right Pins!
Safety pins without coils are easier to string, but the beads do not stay in place as well as beads strung on pins with coils.

For extra security, pry open the coil on the large safety pins and slide the smaller beaded pins into place. After they are in the correct order, use needle-nose pliers to pinch the coil back together.

The Right Plan!
Before you begin, work out a plan. If you don’t, you might not be able to fit all the beads and the design will be askew.

The blue section should occupy the upper left-hand corner of the flag. The rest of the pin is made up of alternating red and white beads.

Let the kids count and sort beads and figure out the design. It helps with math, visual, and spatial skills.

Once the pins are made, kids can attach them to t-shirts, jackets, hats, lapels, or backpacks. They can give them to teachers and club leaders, grandparents, and neighbors.

We all can wear this badge of patriotism to show the world how proud we are to be Americans!

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